5 Reasons to Hire a Professional Photographer

Chances are you’ve found your way here because you love animals as much as I do and you’re considering hiring a photographer to capture that special relationship. Maybe you’re wondering why you should pay someone to take pictures of your animal companion when digital cameras and smartphones abound.

Allow me to give you some of the top reasons to entrust your precious memories to a professional.

#1  These days we all have a cellphone full of images of our pets and everything else that strikes our fancy. Smart phones are super for capturing those spontaneous moments in life. I’m no different than anyone else in that regard.

Here’s one of my puppy, patiently waiting for me to bounce the tennis ball off the chimney for him.

And one of my ewes with her new lamb.

Even a cool campfire picture. (I won’t even say how many of these I have on my cell phone. It’s a bit of an addiction.)

They’re not horrendous photos, and are great memories to revisit on my phone or share on social media, but they aren’t all that wall-worthy. Even if I wanted to print them, the quality just isn’t there, and enlarging them to anything over a 5×7 will often result in a pixilated and sometimes blurry image.

And what happens if you lose or break your phone? Or something happens and you haven’t backed those images up to the cloud? *raises hand* Been there. Done that. It can be heartbreaking. The digital age makes it super easy to take photos, but it’s also just as easy to lose them.

A professional photographer will have the equipment, the knowledge, and the expertise to bring out the best in your pet and create gorgeous photos that will last a lifetime. Combined with editing skills, those images can be transformed from a standard picture into a stunning piece of wall art you will be proud to display. One which will bring a smile to your face each time you see it.

Which brings me to…

#2 As much as we’d sometimes like to, we can’t stop time. It tends to fly by and, before you know it, that adorable puppy or kitten is a full-grown adult. Just the other day I was commenting how Cian (the puppy above) is already starting to lose all that puppy cuteness and he’s only 3 ½ months old!

Unfortunately, no one can predict the future. Some of our animal companions live long, happy lives, and others are gone in their youth. It’s heartbreaking to say goodbye no matter what their age.

Yes, pet photography is a bit of luxury, but the result is images that embody your priceless memories and tell the story of a treasured life.

#3  Bare walls just scream for tasteful art. Why subject them to stock photos or store bought décor when you could grace them with something unique and personal? Photos of your special animal companion can be made into gallery mounted prints worthy of display. Sleek and modern, traditional, elegant and striking, fun and entertaining, whatever your style and your pet’s personality, you can create something sure to make even the pickiest wall happy, and turn your house into a home.

#4  Selfies are great but… okay, reference #1.

This is one of my favorite photos of me and one of my dogs taken by a good friend of mine.

Why? Because it was a completely candid moment that speaks volumes about my and Jig’s relationship.

A good photographer knows how to find and capture those natural, intimate interactions that others might not even notice. The bond we share with our pets is a beautiful thing. Those special, tender moments we share aren’t something you can get in a selfie.

#5  The simplest reason of all. Your animal companion is worth it. They provide unconditional love, companionship, laughter, solace, and so much more. They become a part of our lives and our families, alleviate loneliness, listen to our problems, share our secrets, and worm their way into our hearts without even trying. Our exercise partners, our protectors, our right hand on the farm… what better way to honor them and our relationship than by creating a lasting and cherished memory?




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