A Passel of Puppies

Ahhhhhhh… puppy breath!! One of the best smells on the planet, in my opinion. Ranks right up there with horse and sun-warmed tomatoes. There are very few things that can top spending time with a litter of pups. So many smiles as they venture forth and explore the big, wide world for one of the first times. Over the past weekend I had the opportunity to get a whole lot of puppy time with this beautiful litter of four week old Australian Shepherds.

I believe there is a bit of nefarious planning taking place here.
After which, the committee had a bit of a disagreement.
The decision was made to call for Mom.
Tam willingly obliged and gave the kids a mid-day snack.
A bit more discussion took place and then…
…Shhhhhhh… time for a nap.
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