The Best Way to Spend a Day

Yes, the universal day of Love! In honor of Valentine’s Day and the unconditional love provided by our furry friends, I set up shop at Central Bark in Slinger. It was a great day of meeting new dogs and the humans they share their lives with.


Working Like a Dog

One of the things I love most is watching dogs do what they were bred to do. A couple weekends back I had the opportunity to do just that, and caught some shots of stock dogs of varying training levels and intensity strutting their stuff. Read more “Working Like a Dog”


The Shoemaker’s Kids

There’s that old saying about the shoemaker’s kids never having any shoes because their dad is too busy making shoes for everyone else, remember that one? Well, the same thing sometimes holds true for the photographer’s dogs. They never get their pictures taken unless someone else is behind the camera. Read more “The Shoemaker’s Kids”

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