Do you offer indoor sessions? Yes. Although my preference is to shoot outdoors, using natural lighting, I realize not all pets are comfortable outside or might be unable to venture out. In those cases we can arrange for either a studio or in-home session.

What times of day do you schedule sessions? For outdoor sessions, the first several hours and the last several hours of the day truly offer the very best lighting, so that is when I prefer to schedule. For indoor/studio sessions we have a bit more leeway, although, even indoors, nothing beats natural lighting.

What if I’ve scheduled an outdoor session and the weather is bad? Overcast, cold, hot, snowy, rainy… we all know Wisconsin weather is ever-changing. I will keep an eye on the forecast leading up to your session and we will confer if Mother Nature seems to be against us. Keep in mind, partly cloudy skies can offer wonderful lighting opportunities, and some amazing pictures can come from less than stellar weather conditions, however, if we need to reschedule or move indoors, we will.

What if I need to cancel? It is a fact that life is unpredictable. I get that. If you find you need to cancel, please contact me as soon as possible. Booking fees for cancellations made prior to 10 days before the session date are fully refundable. Booking fees for cancellations made later than that are non-refundable. Booking fees are transferable if rescheduling a session.

What if my pet is not well trained? No worries! It’s amazing what an abundance of patience and high-reward treats can do. We’ll take our time with your wild-child, and make every effort to get the images you want.

What about leashes/halters/etc? Safety is our top priority. Most sessions are accomplished with the animal on a leash or lead rope and these can be edited out in post-production by request on any ordered image. Halters, harnesses, and collars, however, require much more editing and will only be removed from the image by special request and for an additional fee.

Can I be in the photos, too? In short, yes, of course. The bond we share with the animals we welcome into our hearts is deep and abiding. The trust, understanding, and unconditional love are beyond words and measure. Although my forte is highlighting the character of an animal, I can’t ignore the special relationship they share with the person in their life. If you are looking for an intimate, relaxed expression of that relationship, we can certainly incorporate that into your session, however my primary focus will always be your animal companion. If you are looking for a family portrait, I would have to decline, and point you toward one of the many fantastic area photographers who make that their specialty.

Why am I being required to sign a release? This is a standard legal release signed by the subject of a photograph and/or the owner of the animal companion. The release grants the photographer permission to publish the photographs in any form they chose.

What if I only want digital images? Then, quite frankly, I’m not the photographer for you. If, however, your desire is to decorate your home with beautiful keepsakes to enjoy for years to come, then let’s get together and talk.