Michelle & Presley – Sunshine on a Grey Day

Sometimes Mother Nature just doesn’t cooperate. What started as a sunny, mild, December day turned grey and overcast by the time I joined up with Michelle & Presley. It did, however, remain unseasonably mild and was far better than the wind and sleet that caused us to reschedule our first session. As is often the case, the company you’re in can make all the difference.

No, it wasn’t really snowing.
Yes, I had a little fun with this one, but how could I resist, am I right?

There were plenty of laughs and smiles with these two, but what warmed me even more was the depth of the bond they share.

Presley — silly at times, lovable, and getting a little grey but still a regal girl.


Never far away, even when mom is hard at work.


Love. Unconditional.
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2 thoughts on “Michelle & Presley – Sunshine on a Grey Day”

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    I saw your tweet about animals and thought I will check your website. I like it!

    I love pets. I have two beautiful thai cats called Tammy(female) and Yommo(male). Yommo is 1 year older than Tommy. He acts like a bigger brother for her. 🙂
    I have even created an Instagram account for them ( https://www.instagram.com/tayo_home/ ) and probably soon they will have more followers than me (kinda funny).

    I have subscribed to your newsletter. 🙂

    Keep up the good work on your blog.


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