The Adventure Begins

The only impossible journey is the one you never begin.
~Anthony Robbins

What is life but one grand adventure? And, who doesn’t love an adventure, am I right?

Okay, some people don’t, and that’s okay. Me? Well, I’m not out there thrill-seeking, but I do have a tendency to opt for the path less traveled and see where it will land me. Like when I’m hiking and I come across a trail such as this…

Yes, there truly is a trail there… sort of… and I can’t help but wonder where it will lead me. This particular trail at Amnicon Falls State Park in Superior, WI, led me to a quiet pool at the base of one of the larger waterfalls.

A peaceful interlude amongst the ever-present drone of water crashing over rocks. A chance to sit, be still, and just breathe. To relish the moment brought from the following of a path less trodden. A path I’d never been down before.

It’s taking those kinds of chances that can lead us some amazing places.

And perhaps put us on the brink of something downright scary.

And sometimes, taking that path leads us right to the heart of where we need to be.

Here’s to following new paths and beginning new adventures.

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