The Shoemaker’s Kids

There’s that old saying about the shoemaker’s kids never having any shoes because their dad is too busy making shoes for everyone else, remember that one? Well, the same thing sometimes holds true for the photographer’s dogs. They never get their pictures taken unless someone else is behind the camera.

I decided to take Grady out yesterday and see if I could get some nice senior shots of him. I didn’t have an assistant and Grady wasn’t keen on getting too far from me since his arch nemesis was out and about, but I managed to get a few.

The approach of the arch nemesis… Rebel Kitten.


Perhaps if I don’t look at him, he’ll go away.


How about if I just stick my tongue out, will that work?
Another visitor…
This one looks serious!


Well, then, I guess I can, too. Sort of.


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