Working Like a Dog

One of the things I love most is watching dogs do what they were bred to do. A couple weekends back I had the opportunity to do just that, and caught some shots of stock dogs of varying training levels and intensity strutting their stuff.

Daizy, a young Australian Shepherd at the early stages of her career.
I love watching Beardies move! All that hair flowing in the wind. And when they’re talented to boot, that’s a real joy. I admit, I teasingly call Dewey ‘Fabio’.
Pippin, a young Border Collie, showing some of the eye his breed is famous for as he learns how to control his stock.
Tess’s expressive ears are as fun to watch as she is. Here she is, demonstrating true Kelpie intensity.
Tenor, a handsome and talented Australian Shepherd, exhibiting a bit of patience as he waits to be released to bring in the sheep.

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